The World's Strongest Solutions For Restoring And Protecting Weathered Surfaces!

Preferred by professionals, our Wipe New Professional (#wipenewpro) product line offers a cost effective means to complete large restoration projects in less time with long lasting results. Each Wipe New Professional product applies with a simple wipe-on procedure, restoring faded and oxidized surfaces to better than new condition – and keeps them that way with nano-polymer durability! No more painting or waxing! Now it’s possible to make your vehicles shine at a fraction of the cost and downtime. Our original Wipe New product, designed for use on vinyl and plastics, is available in quarts/liters. Keep your fleet vehicles looking new and cut maintenance cost in half with Wipe New Fleets or restore glossy shine to watercraft in a fraction the time compared to waxing. Regardless the application, achieve long lasting results in less time guaranteed.